The Bulldogs, infirmary, and everything else

My Bulldogs had a very productive practice on Wednesday. The one thing that I see is a team that wants to succeed. They love to play and it shows. Now, what will our roster look like? That is the hard question. Right now we have players that are on the edge of wanting to play and not wanting too. None of them have a solid answer for us. That is the only thing I am worried about right now. Will the team we put together have some level of success? What will happen to these players if they don’t come back? Will we be able to find replacements at short notice? So far no word, but we do have another week.

My left ankle was bothering me on Wednesday and yesterday so I am going to stay off the skates for the rest of the week. I might lace em up on Thursday for drop in. Otherwise, I need the time. My left shoulder is still bruised and a little sore. I don’t remember a playoff weekend or after a season where I have come out so sore. Maybe it was because I was playing too much. Either that or I just stressed my body out too much. Who knows. I read a couple articles on the internet on reaction time and goaltenders. Apparently, after you turn 30, your reaction time starts to go down. I am 32 now. I find it ironic that I fell in love with this sport in my late 20s. If I started playing sooner, I would have been a better goalie today. Instead, there is part of me that wonders if I am just trying to beat the clock in a sense.

Going to relax a little this weekend. A little over one week until the next season starts.