More thoughts and reflections the next day

I thought I might update my journal with a few more thoughts and reflections on everything that happened the night after playoffs.

First, the championship feels good.  As good as any other championship would feel….or does it?  There is part of myself that still feels a bit empty.  Especially after everything that happened in the Copper division.  The Stick Heads are always going to be a part of me, that is for sure.  Even though the way I was forced out was bad, I still cannot come to hate members of that team.  Maybe I just don’t have enough hate in my heart or maybe I just want to move on in a peaceful manner.  It isn’t worth burning bridges just for this.  It is a small world, where burning bridges isn’t the way to go.  I may play with these people again someday, or maybe my actions today will speak louder than words later.

I am proud of what I did last night.  I took a team that was predicted to lose in the finals and pull out the upset.  I made the timely saves when I needed to.  My team did the rest of the work and we secured two key victories and the championship.  What better ending could I have asked for?

After those games last night, I didn’t want to admit that I earned that championship.  Yes, it was a team effort, but I wouldn’t even give myself credit where credit was due.  I guess I have never saw myself as someone who took that credit.  It is a team effort out there.  I have to start giving myself more credit.  Yes, it is a team effort, but I was a vital cog in that machine.  With my 8th championship under my belt, I have to acknowledge the fact that I am a good goalie.

I have heard that my game consists of flashes of brilliance at times.  I really don’t know how to answer that.  Do I play above my level at times?  Yes I do.  Do I play below it?  Of course.  It is all part of being a rec league goaltender.  The good goaltenders that play well EVERY SINGLE time are the ones playing pro hockey.  Me?  I am not one of those people.  I am out to play for the pleasure of playing.  I want to win, no doubt about it.  However, I also want to have fun.  If it isn’t fun to play, then why play?  Why spend time getting better if it is not fun?  Thats the point.

From this point on, I am going to give myself a little more credit, but not much more where people think I have a huge ego.  🙂

Now, I have a few weeks off.  I am going to play drop in once a week for the next few weeks until the leagues start back up again.  To be honest, I need the time off.  My body is still hurting after those games, my left shoulder is bruised and sore, and I need the downtime.  I will be ready once the leagues start back up again….you can bet on that.