I am ready for playoffs tomorrow.

Another run to bring myself up to….hopefully….8 or 9 championships by the end of the night.  Now begins the point when I get out of work and I have to keep my mind off the games tomorrow.  Otherwise, it will be a long night tonight.  I want to get my rest so I am ready.  I remember the last night before playoffs that I spent half the night awake in bed and not able to sleep.  I was awake far before the alarm went off and didn’t eat much for breakfast.  By the end of the day, I had two trophies in my hands and spent 12 hours that night in bed sleeping.  I was so physically exhausted after it was all over.

Tonight, it is a time of rest.  My brother is coming over and we are going to see a movie and just relax tonight.  Tomorrow, my journey begins once again….