Is today the day?

It all doesn’t come down to one game, but this is definitely a milestone date for me. The Stick Heads will either be eliminated before the game starts, eliminated when the game ends, or playing on Saturday in what will most likely be my last game with them. I was up last night thinking about what could happen today. Will today be my last game as a Stick Head? Will the team rally around me in my last game? I have heard that some members of the team are standing by me in this drama. I don’t know if they are standing by me or just trying to make me feel better. To be honest, with the Bulldogs chances of moving up to Copper next session and this feeling inside that makes me feel “pitched aside”, I don’t know I would come back even if I was offered.

Tonight will decide a lot on what I am going to write to my team after this session is over. Part of being a webmaster of the team website allows me the flexibility to write what I think. I am not going to slam anyone on the team too badly. Mainly, I want to tell everyone how I feel on the matter. There will be some criticism, you can bet on that.

However, there will be a lot of positives. I am not going to hold a grudge toward anyone for too long. I don’t want to burn any bridges when I make this transition. Mainly because you do that, and you don’t get to play with any of these people again. This is not worth outing myself over. Even though it was a team that was developed around a core of players. I was one of those core players.

It was once told to me that I needed this team. I also heard that some members of this team REALLY needed it. I have to agree with that statement with one small change. We really didn’t need this team…but it was nice to be on it for as long as I did. I still have my most fondest memories with this team and this instance isn’t going to affect those memories.

I am going to show up to the rink early to not only have something to eat with some of my team, but to watch the games. I should know by 8pm if we are eliminated or if we have a chance. Then, in this rollercoaster ride, I will know by 11pm if we have a playoff opportunity. I want to make playoffs. I want to go one more round with this team I have come to love, and most recently, hate.

I suppose there are much more important things to keep in perspective. If this is the only thing that causes me pain in the next year, then I have a lot to be thankful for.

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  1. Good luck tonight! Make the playoffs so they will appreciate you busting your hump for them!

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