Memories of good things past

It was good times like this that I reflect on.  My last Stick Heads championship photo stuck out at me while I was going through my digital photos.  Looking upon this photo makes me think about last session and how happy I was.  Today, although my last game may be next week, I still long for those days to come again.  Yes, I have been tossed away.  However, if there is a change in the leadership of the team, I would come back.

Today, I got a call from my Bulldogs team captain in Brass.  He explained he is looking up toward a move into Copper….the same division as the Stick Heads.  While I see that move up as a possiblity, I just don’t see us being competitive in that division without help.  Sure, we could get a few higher level players to step in to help out, but I like the current makeup of our team right now.  I said I am all for it.  The Bulldogs are the closest thing I have to family now in a hockey sense.  They have treated me with nothing but respect and there is a definite connection here.  Before, I didn’t see it.  Sometimes, it takes an event like this whole Stick Heads thing to make you look at the big picture.  That picture is not as gloomy.