Interesting fact

It is amazing the things you find on the internet. I was browsing around and found some information on an old game show I used to watch when I was a kid. The name of the show was “Press Your Luck”. If you don’t know what it is, do a google search for it. It was definetly a very interesting gameshow to say the least. Anyway, upon doing some research into this show, I found a guy who exploited it for over $100,000 in one shot. All he did to beat the game was record all the shows for a few weeks and study the tapes for a loophole. He discovered a way to win a ton of cash.

The story was quite interesting. The ending was definetly not what I expected either. The poor guy had a great analytical mind, but just lacked common sense. Who would take all that money and invest it like he did? I wouldn’t put my money near anything shady. Second, his house was burglarized and he didn’t have ANY insurance or security system? Please….

Anyway, just a very interesting little tidbit. 🙂

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