Descension in the ranks

With the Stick Heads roster up in the air for next session, the sub par season is taking its toll. In the past, individual members have been targeted for their performance. I have been guilty of it, but this morning brought something I didn’t expect. It started with an email from a fellow goalie I have gotten to know very well. He explained he was offered the job of playing for the Stick Heads. Which meant….I may be out of a job.

I talked to the captain over lunch today, and apparently some of the team was a little upset at me for playing a couple games in the same day. The one key game that was brought to my attention was the Maly’s game when we lost 7-6. We had a 5-2 lead in the first half, and then lost the game. Mind you, I know it wasn’t all my fault. The captain knows this, but there is descension among others on the team.

Do I have a chance at keeping my spot on the team? I have no idea. As I have said before, I have always had eyes in the back of my head looking out for this. 4 championships in 6 sessions obviously isn’t enough. My dedication to this team and wanting to succeed may not be enough. I do have to side with the upset members of my team. I have not showed them that the Stick Heads are first in my book. The two games in one night thing is something I can control. I can understand how they feel. I may feel the same way if I was in their shoes.

So now, what do I do? I am going to do what any goalie would do in this situation. Talk to the rest of the team. Try to get their support back. Try to show them I am dedicated to win. Show them my track record and let them decide. After that, then I will talk about how I feel about the situation at hand.

Right now, I am upset. All the success I have had seems to be falling down upon me again. First, it was in Bronze with the Blizzard. Now, it is in Copper with the Stick Heads. The first game after 2 championship trophies. The second after 4….maybe 5 if we turn it up a notch and get some offense in our last games.


2 Replies to “Descension in the ranks”

  1. Upset because you played more than once in a day? I play better under the circumstances, espically if the I play in the game that means the most to me is the later game.

  2. Well, they had an objection to a back to back game. I really can’t say I had a serious workout the previous game, but they were looking for a scapegoat I think. I guess the thing that upsets me more than anything about this situation is how quickly I fell out of favor. Monday will be the tell-tale sign on if we make playoffs or not. I am locking up another team in intermediate right now, so I may not be back for the Stick Heads. The thought of being discarded off that team is still upsetting to me.

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