Nice week off

Part of me was looking forward to this week off.

After a very hard loss last week in ice hockey in the playoffs, I was a little drained.  I was building myself up to a strong playoff run, and instead we were ousted before it even began.  After my game on Friday, I was looking foward to a small break.  Two weeks till playoffs.  I simply cannot wait.

I have spent the time wisely.  I have stayed away from work, photography, and hockey.  Three things that consume my life so easily.  I have family from out of town up to visit, and my wife likes the extra attention.  I have caught up on some episodes of Nip/Tuck on my Tivo, picked up a new hamster (Baxter), bought a couple games for my computer, and visitated.  The thought of the week off has been thrilling to say the least.  However, I am waiting eagerly for next week to begin.  I have missed playing hockey that is for sure.

My ice hockey team is taking the next 8-10 weeks off.  I am going to stick with my Copper and Brass teams in roller hockey.  If I can, I will jump on a tin or aluminum team as a skater, but that is optional.  I am thinking maybe taking an extra team off along with my ice hockey shortage may be a good break.  I haven’t decided that though.  I would like to keep improving, and I am NOT going to improve by not playing.

It is late, and I need sleep now.