When the ice tilts

It just seems to me that the ice tilts against my hockey team in the playoffs. That along with the fact that the other team brought in a few ringers to make them even better didn’t help much. I allowed 6 goals in that game, and 2 of them were horrible. I really can’t say anyone on our team played exceptional. We had giveaways in our own zone, as the opposing team dominated us in 2 straight periods. At one point, it was 6-1. We got 2 quick goals in the 3rd but it was just too much of a mountain to climb.

I won’t go into a tirade on ringers or how much it pisses me off that we laid a egg in the playoffs once again. I read an article on ESPN last night on the Ottawa Senators and goaltending after the game. This passage stuck out at me.

“At this point, goaltending is largely a mental thing,” said new Senators coach Bryan Murray. “The mental part is a major part of the game. You simply can’t give up a bad goal anymore and expect to win. Things are so tight out there that you give up any goal and you lessen your chances of winning. You give up a bad one at the wrong time and you can’t win the game. It’s so much harder.”

Maybe that is what hit our team last night. The 2nd goal I gave up was a nice shot in the slot that handcuffed me. I thought I was positioned well on the shot, but I just missed it. Whats worse is I fell right on my ass after it beat me. I think that my team really was deflated after that goal. We got close when it was 3-1, but we gave it away in our own zone and they got the 3 goal lead back again.

Some of the team was a little disgusted, including myself. My record so far this session was average, but my goals against was a record high. It was ugly, and I was fustrated for a portion of this season. My team is taking the next 10 weeks off and starting back up in the fall. Maybe this is what we needed was a break from the game and then start fresh. I know I could use more work, that is for sure. I am not going to to get any better when I am at home.