It is amazing how fast time flies.

This weekend was a very entertaining but hectic one. I accomplished a lot but also had a lot to do. Friday, I did my part in a Bulldogs 4-2 victory over the Komets. It was a very hard fought contest, and I will come out and say now that we may have a hard time come playoffs. I am not concerned. To be 8-0 at this stage of the season with my first undefeated season at my grasp is more than satisfying. I want to finish strong and then do my part in a playoff championship.

Saturday, I had my siblings over for part of the day, and the rest of the day was dedicated to building a computer and getting another one ready for my brother for next weekend. He is replacing his 1.2 pentium III system with a 2.4 pentium 4 system. Quite a radical change, but he will enjoy it!

Sunday, more time with the siblings and before I knew it, the weekend was over. Today it is back to work.

Funny how fast those weekends go when you are looking forward to them. Now, I am just looking forward to my game tonight! 🙂