We needed the win….

Instead, we came up with a tie.

The Rage goalie played out of his mind in a 3-3 tie. We should have had that win, but the goalie factor and us not being able to finish didn’t do us any good. The Rage got a couple timely goals, with one coming with 30 seconds to go. The Stick Heads playoff hopes now ride on the final 2 games. Not only do we have to win out, but other teams above us have to lose, which is a very good possibility. Who knows how things will iron out in the end.

Tonight is going to be an evening of much needed rest. I really need it too because the next 3 nights I have hockey or something going on.


It is amazing how fast time flies.

This weekend was a very entertaining but hectic one. I accomplished a lot but also had a lot to do. Friday, I did my part in a Bulldogs 4-2 victory over the Komets. It was a very hard fought contest, and I will come out and say now that we may have a hard time come playoffs. I am not concerned. To be 8-0 at this stage of the season with my first undefeated season at my grasp is more than satisfying. I want to finish strong and then do my part in a playoff championship.

Saturday, I had my siblings over for part of the day, and the rest of the day was dedicated to building a computer and getting another one ready for my brother for next weekend. He is replacing his 1.2 pentium III system with a 2.4 pentium 4 system. Quite a radical change, but he will enjoy it!

Sunday, more time with the siblings and before I knew it, the weekend was over. Today it is back to work.

Funny how fast those weekends go when you are looking forward to them. Now, I am just looking forward to my game tonight! 🙂

My mood says it all

It has been a while since I took the time to write in this journal. It hasn’t been because I have had a loss of thoughts or ideas. It has mainly been because I haven’t dedicated the time to do it. Something I have regretted. What fustrates me is the fact that it took a rather fustrating loss last night to motivate me to write in my journal.

The Stick Heads are really having a hard time in Copper this session. Losing our key players and now we have little intersquad squabbles that are starting to grate on everyone. Some members are looking to go after this session. Others want to stay. I am just trying to play the best hockey I can. Last night, we had a 5-2 lead half way through the game, and lost 7-6 at the end of the game. Seems we had a strong start, and then our defense fizzled. I really don’t know of any of those goals were my fault, but I still have this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Not because we lost, but the way we lost and the attitudes of both teams during and after the game.

I have higher expectations out of this team and myself. The team scuffles MAY be affecting my play in some way. Knowing this team may or may not be together next session makes me think about the future a little.

One year older


The number sounds a lot bigger than it really is. In terms of years, they are flying by. However, I have a lot of time left. I want to keep competing. I want a few more championships under my belt. I would like to accomplish my first ice hockey championship eventually. So many personal goals I have set for myself.

I recently started looking back on the last year. Obviously, my last playoff day when I took home two trophies stands out in my head as the best hockey memory. I also realize that I may not make it back to that high of an accomplishment ever again. It took me 4 years and to get on the right teams to accomplish that feat. Aside from that, I no longer consider myself to be a weak link in goal. I have proved myself, and I continue to prove myself in net. Sure, I have my bad games, but a majority of my games have been very good. I have earned the respect of my team. Now, I just need to respect myself a little bit more. I don’t give myself enough credit, and I can do that a little more often.

Things I want to see happen this year is a championship for my Bulldogs team. Here is a team that picked me up and has total faith in me as a player. When I was down on myself, this team took a chance on me and want me to stay with them. We have a strong chance to make a run this session, but who knows what will happen. I would like to see us lift a trophy eventually.

I will talk more about my games and such later. It is late and I need sleep.