A drought?

As many Michiganders know, there is no drought right now in the big MI. The ground has been saturated outside. When I mowed the lawn the other day, the lower areas of my backyard were not even close to being dry. Out at the rink tonight, the Stick Heads experienced a drought in a 3-1 loss. It was the Stick Heads lowest goal total since the team first formed back over 3 years ago. Gotta give props to the Phantoms, they played an excellent game and their goalie stood on his head.

I did a pretty good job myself, but I made some critical errors and bailed myself out. I let in one of those goals, I am the goat. Instead, my confidence is still high after that loss, and all I can hope for is my team to rebound after a OT loss and a loss in their last two games.

It is difficult to describe how I am feeling right now. On one hand, we lost the game and I don’t feel good about that. On the other hand, I played a solid game and gave my team a chance to win. I stopped a variety of breakaways and good scoring chances. It was a game where my teammates gave me a lot of credit, and I am not trying to get absorbed into it. I appreciate it, but I still have a lot to prove to myself and my team.

On the way home, I started thinking about the playoffs last session and how well I did. I played probably my best day of hockey then, and I know that those days will only come once every 3-4 years. This season, I see how things are going and I wonder how we will do when the season is over at the end of July. The Stick Heads are only 4 games in, and my other teams are only 3 games in. A lot of hockey to play in a 10 game season. I have 20 games to go.