The one that got away

Last night, my thoughts consumed me. Then again it happened this morning.

What am I thinking about? That game last night.

It was a game that I know we should have won. With a depleted roster, we could have won that game. I made a couple critical errors in the last few minutes of that game which led to that loss. I am not heaping all the fault on my shoulders, but I feel I should have played a better game in those last few minutes. After a game like that, you can ask what if all you want, but the key is that you just have to work harder. I have many games to play before we play that Reforms team again. My goal is to be ready when that game comes about. The only way to be ready is to work my ass off and stay focused on the rest of the games here on out.

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  1. When you have a short bench, it’s tough. There have been a few games when there was only seven players on the bench. It tough mentally when you see the other bench with a full roster.

    I’m sure you did the best you can.

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