Not one of my best performances

I am just a little disappointed after my game tonight. It has been a week since my last game, but I should have played better than I did. With my team leading 5-4 with under a minute left, I made a mistake and left my post to allow the game tying goal and then I didn’t come out far enough and let a slapshot beat me in OT. To be honest, our full team wasn’t there tonight, but that is no excuse. Performances like that won’t win games.

On the other hand, it has been a great run for me. In the last few weeks, I haven’t lost many games. My teams have been playing exceptional, and I haven’t lost my confidence during a game in a long time. This is a good thing. It means my mind has been in the game no matter what the score. My focus has improved. Now I need to keep up that good work.

After the OT loss tonight, I am looking at the silver lining. First off, it is the Stick Heads second OT loss in 16 games. We haven’t lost in regulation since the season prior to this one. That shows how consistant the Stick Heads have been. This loss is not a killer one by far. It is one that I know I will remember, and I know I will have another opportunity to play this Reforms team again.

I have to give congrats to my team for the effort. We had key people step up and play well tonight even with the loss of our leading scorer and our top defenseman.

Next on the docket I have another roller game tomorrow, then ice on Wednesday, then roller again on Friday. All goaltender games, and all games I have confidence I will win. It is amazing how much of this game is mental. Just believing you are going to do well will do wonders.