As I sit here watching the Wings game…

I have to wonder what will happen during overtime. Will it be a thrilling win for the Wings? Will it be a bitter loss? I have seen both. I remember back in 1999 when the Wings lost in OT to the Kings. Again it was a OT loss against the Ducks last year. Will history repeat itself? Lets face it, if you are a fan of a team that is facing elimination, the game takes on a new meaning. Every chance the other team has you notice. Every chance your team has to win it seems to come few and far between.

Calgary just had two fantastic chances in front of the net and Cujo robbed Calgary.

Speaking of Cujo, let me sound off about something. I have always said that last year’s sweep in the first round of the playoffs was not his fault. This year, if the Wings lose this game, it will not be his fault. Except this year, more people will acknowledge it.

10:55 left in the first OT session.

Speaking of hockey, I had a good start with the Stick Heads tonight. We played the Rage, and the competition in the league is going to be a tough one. We lost Matt Ziegler, our leading scorer as well as Boston Billy, our 3rd leading scorer. We picked up another Matt, Matt Mead, to fill in the void left by the loss of our leading scorer. We had a rough start, and then we started clicking and then advanced to a 7-5 victory. While I was pleased with the victory, I have to keep working on my angles and then covering those rebounds. I got burned on a couple rebound chances.

6:30 left in the first OT session.

Going to finish watching this game, and then hitting the sack. I just hope for the best.