Sunk in

The last few days have been really busy for me. First off, Monday and Tuesday were long days due to system crashes or problems at work. Yesterday was full of around the house projects such as mowing the lawn and so on. Thursday, the trend continues. At least I have ice hockey tonight.

Speaking of hockey, it finally sank in. I really reflected upon my season past and the playoffs. I still can’t believe I won two championships though. After all the adversity and hard work, it finally paid off. I am a realist though. I have to understand that you can’t finish that way every season. The last time I finished as a winner was last year in September. Before that, it was a good year ago. With 4 playoffs a year and teams constantly changing or reloading for a run, it is hard to stay competitive. The changes to my Stick Heads team next session won’t be earth shattering, but enough to cause a ripple effect. I am looking forward to playing already that is for sure.

Overall, I needed this break. I was worn out after my games on Saturday and a long season concluded with 4 teams. This season, I am goaltending on two teams and skating out as a forward on one. I might consider skating out on two teams, just to get my leg strength up though. I already can’t wait for the puck to drop tonight. Then, after a relaxing weekend, I get to play again on Monday.