Coming Soon – Playoffs

This was one of the most anticipated weeks coming up for me. After avoiding my journal and concentrating on hockey and life the last couple weeks, I am revisiting my journal to add things. Mainly so I can reflect on them down the road. Especially after the playoffs are over.

I have three teams poised to enter the playoffs this season, a record if it happens.

First up on my mind is the Stick Heads. A Copper team that clinched first in the division over two weeks ago. They finished with a 10-1-0-1 record, but with 4 games decided by one goal or less. Yes, from the figures we are poised to take our 4th championship. However, we also have everything to lose. This is the team that is going to have the most pressure on them. If we lose in tripple overtime in the final game, it will be a bad season.

Second up is Team X. A team who started out strong, but has declined slightly as time went on. We have a key defenseman out with injury and have had attendance problems from some of the other teammates. We are sitting 2nd in the division with an outside chance to catch 1st, but I wouldn’t count on it. In addition, the top teams in the league have given us a real hard time recently when we played them. I believe this team has a chance to go all the way, but it all depends on who shows up on Saturday.

Last up is a team on the bubble, The Bulldogs. A team that had a poor start, but has come on as a team lately. This is the team that has the most uncertainty of any of the teams I am leading into the the playoffs. Lately, we have been playing very well, but can we compete with those top tier teams in the division? We are a combined 1-3 against the top 4 teams in the division, but as I said, time changes things. In order for the Bulldogs to make it, we have to win on Friday, which is very doable. I am confident we will get the W.

My heart has been beating a little faster than normal when I think of these upcoming games. Not only because I get a chance to compete for championships in multiple divisions, but also a chance for me to solidify myself as a winner in pressure games. I am talking confident now, but there is always that small doubt hanging around in the back of my mind. The thought that I will do something wrong and find myself on the losing side of things. Last playoff game I played for example, I had a shot that went off my skate and went into the net. It was “slightly” embarassing. Some idiots at the rink claimed it was an “own goal”. Sorry, I didn’t put it in myself….just a bad bounce that didn’t go my way. When you are facing a hot team and you make a mistake like that, there is no easy rebound. We lost 2-1 in that game.