I have thought a lot about what I am going to type in this journal entry. It is probably just going to be a mishmash of what is lingering around in my brain. Therefore, I might just spill everything here and just let it sort itself out.

First, in hockey. I pitched a shutout last week on Friday. The first one I have gotten in a long time. Then on Monday night I won both my games with the Stick Heads and DeKline Builders. I guess this would mean that I have played decent the last few games and I have. The game on Friday night I played well to deserve that shutout, but it was the team in front of me that played superb. I played about average on Monday, but I really am never happy unless I pitch a shutout and then I wonder if it was more the team playing well in front of me than me doing well.

I am going to talk about my Stick Heads team a little bit now. We currently lead our division with 15 points. The next team down is 10 points after 8 games. If we win next week, then we will be first overall. Playoffs are in about 3 weeks and then we will really see how we do. If we lose in OT in the final game, it will be a bad session. At least that is how my team will approach it. I wouldn’t have to say there is no room for error, but after playing as well as we have so far, we cannot falter. I am a realist though and I have seen #1 seeds go down fast, especially in hockey. Anyone can win on any given night.

The Midwest Regional games I covered at Van Andel over the weekend were a blast. I covered all 3 games for among other publications and just enjoyed myself. It was the last college hockey game this season that I am covering. I am going to welcome the break this spring/summer.

More later