The CCHA tournament in Detroit was another huge success. I saw probably the best game on Saturday when Ohio State won the CCHA championship over Michigan 4-2. I have to give kudos to the Ohio State Buckeyes for that performance. It was one I didn’t expect, especially after they played 2 OT games the previous 2 nights. They definetly wanted it more than Michigan for those first 2 periods.

Even with Ohio State’s jubiliant celebration as they lifted the trophy, the only thing I could think about was Ferris State. I wonder what Ferris State would have looked like lifting that trophy. During the Ferris State end of season dinner last year, that was all the players could talk about. It wasn’t their first NCAA victory over North Dakota. It wasn’t the regular season championship. It was that one game against Michigan for the CCHA playoffs. One game. I know I probably won’t see that kind of year that happened back in 2002-2003 for a long time.

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  1. I made the trip to Detroit to see my Buckeyes!
    I didn’t think they could pull it off.

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