3/15/04 – Stick Heads vrs White Tigers
My Stick Heads team continued to roll with a 6-2 victory last night. My team played phenomonial to be honest with you. I played a little above average. The two goals they got were not great scoring chances. To my credit, I stopped the few quality chances they had. One thing is certain in my book, I have to stop those soft goals. One of those is going to kill me in the playoffs. They have in the past. Maybe I am puting too much undo pressure on myself to perform to a higher level.

Another thing I promised to do is exercise more outside of the rink. I have an exercise bike I am going to start working out on when I have extended time off. The extra work will really help me out come playoff time or times when I need more endurance.

The rest of this week is going to be a treat. On Wednesday night, I get a chance to play on Joe Louis Arena ice in the CCHA media day game. All the media people that cover all the CCHA teams in the league will get a chance to play in this game. I am expecting about 10-20 minutes of playing time. Anything more than that is a bonus. Otherwise, I have training coming up this week in Detroit, and in the evenings I will hopefully catch a couple hockey games at the Joe. The Super 6 tournament is this weekend and it looks to be a lot of fun that is for sure.

Keep your stick on the ice!