Can’t get a bounce

Thursday 3/11/04 – Team X vrs So What
This was a great game all things considered. The problem is that I couldn’t get one single bounce to go my way in the game in a 5-4 OT loss.

1 – After stopping a couple shots in close, the rebound kicked out to a wide open forward who put it off my glove and into the net for the first one.

2 – The second one was a pass across the top of the crease to another untouched forward who wristed a shot past me. The defense has to pick those guys up.

3 – Here is where the bounces started going against me a little. I made a good stop on a breakaway, and the shooter threw the puck from behind the goal, off of me, and into the net.

4 – Another bad bounce. Shot that went off my own defenseman’s shoulder pad and deflected into the net.

5 – Last bad bounce and this time in OT. Wrist shot that went off my glove, and landed behind me into the net.

I think I lost my good karma. Those last three goals were horrible, and those shots don’t go in normally. After winning my Stick Heads game on Monday, I have dropped my last 2 games in a row. This is not the kind of streak I want to be on. Gotta find a way to change my luck out there somehow. Not going to worry about it now though. It was a fluke game and while I did make some strong saves, the Team X I know didn’t show up. Team X still sits in first place with more tough games coming up. I can’t wait until I play again on Team X next week.

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  1. Stiff on Thursday. Today, it feels almost 100%. I have another day of rest and then one game on Monday. After that, I have the rest of the week dedicated to out of town training. 🙂

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