Rough day

Yesterday was incredibly rough for me. With my neck all out of whack, I coached my kids team to a 5-4 loss. I spent time thinking about what happened in that game, and realized that I may have made a couple mistakes. I think for the rest of the season, I am going to stick these kids together with a partner. This way, they get used to each other a little easier. Kinda late to make any sweeping changes though. They are doing well with a 3-3 record so far this season. My goal is 6-5 which is very doable the last five games of the season.

I shouldn’t have played my ice hockey game last night. I couldn’t even turn my head without my neck giving me problems. That didn’t help matters as I handed in probably my worst performance in a 6-4 loss. Yes, two goals were deflections and one of them was a 3-1 odd man rush chance. However, there were a couple key stops I should have made in that game that I didn’t. I am still bumed out about that this morning to be honest. I expect so much better out of myself, and if I wasn’t bitching about my neck this morning I would be even harder on myself. I usually pride myself on having a short term memory when it comes to these things. I did last week when we lost 5-4. Course, I played a solid game last week. This week was just abysmal for me.

Speaking of a pain in the neck, I thought I might chime in on this whole Todd Bertuzzi issue before they pass judgement on the guy. I can understand that Bertuzzi was probably getting Moore of the Avalanche back for his hit on Naslund that injured him. However, was sucker punching him, landing on top of him, and then donkey punching him the right thing to do? Heck no. I saw pieces of his speech on this issue that he gave to the media and he choked up three times and cried. I am not saying that he faked those tears to get out of being punished. He probably feels terrible now. However, there are some mistakes that we never get done paying for. Luckily, Moore should make a full recovery, but the league does need to come down hard on Bertuzzi.

What would be the probable punishment? Who knows. I think he will get a suspension for the rest of the regular season and playoffs. Marty McSorley got suspended 26 games for hitting Donald Brashear across the head. Why shouldn’t Bertuzzi get the same or a little more harsh of a punishment?