Streaky night

3/8/04 – Stick Heads vrs Carpe Poon
It was a game of streaks. After we scored the first goal of the game, Carpe Poon came back to score 4 straight. The Stick Heads then rattled off 7 straight goals to win 8-4. I had a decent game, but it was far from excellent. Two goals were scored from shots at the top of the faceoff circles that went top corner on me. I dropped way too fast on those two shots. The other two were shots from in the slot off passes from behind the net. One was a wraparound chance that I stopped, but it went straight out to a wide open player who put it just over my glove and into the net.

The Stick Heads really came out strong in the second half of that game. I faced some decent chances through the first half, but the second the chances were few and far between. The good thing is I kept them off the board in that second half of that game and had a strong finish.

For now, the Stick Heads are still in first. A lot of hockey to play though.

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  1. Well, “carpe” = “sieze”, and “poon”… well, I’m thinking “poontang”, which is another word for that thing between a woman’s legs… So yeah, it means “Sieze the Snatch”. =)

  2. Well, that could mean poontang…..but it might not necessarially mean that though. 🙂

  3. Geez, I hate those wraparounds.

    I also had the same problem in my last game..going down too quick. One problem with playing against A, B and C leaugers twice a week. I have problems adjusting to a slower D league game, even when they are stacked with ringers

    Good to hear your season is off to a great start!

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