The Shield

As a Tivo fanatic, I got hooked on a new show called The Shield. After catching it in the middle of the second season, I have watched every episode. The third season is coming up this week Tuesday. I really need to go out and rent the first and second season, but blockbuster really likes raping people for rentals. The other alternative is Netflix, but they charge $20 a month for thier service.

Return to the Ice

After a long three week delay, I strapped the ice skates on and played my first game of the new season last week. I really like playing for Windemeuller Electric and my team looks to be pretty competitive this session. We lost in a tight 5-4 game, and I have to give credit to R. Vandellen team we played. They only had 7 skaters and took advantage of their opportunities. Last night I played with a bunch of guys just for fun for an hour and a half. I had fun with that as well.

I really enjoy ice hockey. So much that if I could find steady teams I may even consider dropping rollerhockey. The only thing that really concerns me is the late start times. When I play ice hockey, some nights I don’t get back until 1:00am. With me having to be up at 7am for work, that gets old real fast. My rollerhockey game with the Stick Heads is tonight at 7:00pm, which is VERY doable.