Tivo and other stuff

With the lack of hockey the last week, I really have felt bad about not writing in my journal. Therefore, I am taking time out to do so now. Except this time I am not going to talk much about hockey.

Last year September, I moved from cable to Directv and the Tivo. Man, I don’t know how I lived without that Tivo. I watch so much more television with that Tivo than I ever did without it. Maybe it was because I could NEVER find anything on when I turned on the TV. Now, Tivo records everything I want to watch and I watch it at my convenience. No tapes to worry about either. I upgraded my Tivo to 243 hours by adding a couple new hard drives. The thing just is amazing. I would have to compare it to my XM Radio in terms of usefulness. Recently, my new shows have been Law and Order Criminal Intent and Special Victims Unit. I am going to try to start watching The Shield so I can get on board before the big season premier next week. Stephen Kings Kingdom Hospital starts tonight. That is another show I am eagerly anticipating.

I really haven’t done a lot the past few days other than relax at home. I will be honest, the lack of hockey has been enjoyable but tiring as well. I play my first game in over a week tomorrow night. Next week things kick back off with a vengence when I start playing 3-4 nights a week again.