Not one of my stronger games

Monday 02/16/04 – Stick Heads vrs DeKline Builders
I have to give a hand to the Builders. They really came ready to play and beat us 6-5 in OT. I suspect it could have been due to the last game DeKline played against the Fury. The Stick Heads are made up of almost half of the Fury team. For all of you who don’t know, the Fury defeated DeKline in the playoffs in quite a hard fought game.

Back to the present now though. It really wasn’t a strong game by our team or by me for that matter. Starting with me, I let in a couple bad goals but I thought I centered myself to the shot pretty well. Dekline had a couple good deflections, a breakaway goal, and the bounces went their way as one of my own defenseman kicked in a goal past me. The final goal was a deflection, and it was a fitting end to a game that we should have played better in and won.

The good thing is that we at least got a point in the game. That is really the only thing I can say right now that is good about the game. Oh well, kick it in the ass and play again on Wednesday. Then, practice with the GR All Stars team on Friday and then the big Red Wing Alumni game on Saturday. I know I will have a strong game on Wednesday, Friday, and then on Saturday. 🙂