I finally got the opportunity to see this movie today and what can I say….I was floored. I have always wanted to see a good hockey movie. SlapShot was probably the best I have seen up until this day. Mystery Alaska was decent, but not great. Youngblood I saw eons ago, and I thought it was good back then.

Miracle was simply awesome.

There were parts of that movie when I actually shed a few tears. Leaving the theater, I realized those tears were similar to the ones I shed when I acheived each of my championships in hockey. After being denied many times, you set a goal for yourself. Some people set small goals. I choose to set higher goals for myself. I wanted that trophy at the end of the season. So far, I have 5 to my name and I am proud of my accomplishments.

That movie was the highlight of my day. Especially after the Red Wings lost to Colorado and Ferris State lost to Notre Dame. On top of that, Ferris State goaltender Mike Brown went down with a throat injury. *Sigh*

Got one more day of rest before I start another week.