Workout with the GR All Stars

My first workout with the team that plays against the Red Wings Alumni went very well. I came up with some good saves through practice. I suppose all this playing has paid off. When I started a little over four years ago, I couldn’t skate. Today, I was keeping up with the rest of this team pretty well.

My counterpart is the goalie coach from Davenport University. Very solid netminder and quite big as well. He keeps his chest up in the net and really plays smart hockey. He was off for 6 weeks and this was his first practice back in net. I found that hard to believe because he wasn’t showing any signs of rust.

Our team practiced a variety of drills and then scrimmaged the last part of the practice. Overall, the team is solid, but we know what we are up against. This Red Wings team is talented, very talented. You are talking about players that eat, sleep, and breathe hockey. This team I am playing on consists of people who play hockey in their spare time. Even that spare time isn’t available sometimes.

One of the players on my team said it best. No matter what happens out there, you can’t be discouraged. This is like the Harlem Globetrotters playing basketball against a pickup team. We have a shot to stay in the game, but this team could wipe us out and crush our confidence if they wanted to. The key is to not let it affect you…especially the goalies. It is up to me and my partner to stay in a positive frame of mind.

Next week Friday, we do it again. Another practice in preparation for the upcoming Alumni game on Saturday Feb. 21st.

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  1. I will, but I first want to congratulate you for being able to play in this game.

    That is awesome. I know I would never have the opportunity to play in a game like that!

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