A victory with a price

I really didn’t play very solid today. My first game I was hung out to dry a little, but I feel I didn’t play as well as I should have in a 5-1 loss with Smith-Diamond. That makes Smith-Diamond 0-2 so far this season and it is going to be rough. Without 2 of our scorers, we are struggling to find the back of the net. Two goals our first game and one goal our second game. In order for me to get this team a win, I am going to have to play my ass off. So far, I haven’t done that. My margin for error is very small with this team.

My second game I didn’t play well again, but Team X won 9-5. There were two goals I let in that I never should have allowed. Both came for me centering myself to the shot correctly. To my defense, I did play a much better second half of the game. I just expect more out of myself than the performance I turned in tonight.

The second game was a rough one as the opposing team was called for 11 penalties while we were called for 6. Some of the Stick Heads play on the other team, and there were more fights this game between the teams. I really just don’t know what the heck was going on out there. I thought some of the rough stuff was just fooling around. Other times, I didn’t know what to think. All I do know is that I can’t control the actions of my team. I can only control myself and that is the way I want it. One of the opposing players said I was the captain of Team X. I laughed. I really am not a captain. That is why I am playing in the lower divisions. I don’t consider myself captain material. Maybe after I grow a pair of balls and start scoring goals as a skater….then I will be a captain. Goalies are not captains typically. I tried to be a captain on Smith-Diamond, and somehow I feel I just don’t connect with the team that well.

I am better off as a goalie.

Tomorrow is going to be another big day. I have a practice with the team that is going to play against the Red Wing Alumni and then I have my first game with the Bulldogs in Brass. Not many more days until I play in that Alumni game. Time is moving so fast. I am convinced it moves faster as you get older.

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  1. It does go faster, no denying that. For me, I think it’s because I’m trying to do the things I wanted to do when I was younger, but didnt have the balls or the opportunities.

    While I poke fun at my age, I have to say life is very good for me. I’m a lot happier and healthier than I was 20 years ago. I’m doing things that I never thought I would (such as playing hockey) and enjoying every minute of it or until the medication wears down.

    Now, excuse me while I go pop a few joints back in place.. rough game this morning!

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