If I could come up with two titles to one post, this would be it. First the good stuff.

In a rather hectic coaching debut, the Badgers beat the Bite Wings 10-8. I really had fun doing it, but I have a lot to learn. I really think this team is going to be pretty good overall and we got off to a good start. I am going to be working with them on Saturday for about an hour.

Now, the bad stuff

2/4/04 – Windmeuller Electric vrs Mikes Hard Lemonade
The title of this section would be: Snakebit again. Once again, my goal to get this team a playoff victory came up short again as we lost in overtime 5-4. Now, before I get into the goals and such, I have a couple things to get off my chest. First off, our best players didn’t show up. Second, what ref calls a weak penalty 5 seconds into overtime? When I say weak, I mean W E A K. Our guy won the faceoff, and the forward who lost went for the puck and tripped over our forward who won it. It wasn’t intentional and he was suprised to see that.

I really feel I didn’t play well in this game. I had a couple bad bounced go against me again and a couple shots that found daylight and beat me that shouldn’t have. The whole trip home I just thought about some of the goals.

1 – Shot that deflected off my defenseman and went in. Nothing I could do on that shot.
2 – Forward streaking down the left side slapped a shot just over my pad. My team said I wasn’t out of position, but I think I was.
3 – This goal really hurt. I went down to stop a low shot along the ice and it went five hole on me and just trickled into the net behind me. It was one of those goals I really wanted back. I didn’t have my stick down to cover that area like I should have.
4 – Shot went off the back of the boards and came out to a open forward who just tucked it in. I was down and covering, but I think it beat me just before I got my pads down.
5 – Overtime goal. With us on the penalty kill, the same guy who got the second goal got this one on another nice slapshot on a breakaway.

That game annoyed me a little more than anything. Not because we lost, but because of my team all not showing up and that bad call in overtime that resulted in us on the penalty kill. Time to hit the sack and just let it go. Goalies have to have short memories, and you can bet I will put this one behind me and move on tomorrow.