Taking my time

I was off from hockey on Monday and Tuesday. I really needed the break to get other things done around the house and spend some time with the wife. By Wednesday though, I was ready to play again. After a short rollerhockey practice, I played ice hockey later that evening.

1/28/04 – Windmeuller Electric vrs Out Patients
My team has been languishing in the middle of the pack for a while while the Out Patients have won the last two championships and sitting in first place. I think this is the best I have seen my team play as we won 4-1. The only goal to beat me was a breakaway and maybe I should have even had that one. It beat me low and I didn’t get my pads down fast enough. Otherwise, it was a solid effort by my team. Now, we sit in 6th place for the playoffs coming up. This team has yet to win a playoff game. It will be my goal to get them at least one this year.

After the last couple games where I just couldn’t get a bounce, things have finally started going my way. I just hope they continue next week.

The rest of the week hopefully will be unevenful aside from work and Ferris Hockey this weekend. Super Bowl party on Sunday.

I am convinced that time goes faster as you get older. It is already Thursday.