3 months to think about it

Saturday 1/24/03 – Team X vrs Extreme Graphics
I have a really bad taste in my mouth after this game. Once again, I was the victim of a bad bounce that got the attention from others at Rivertown as an “Own Goal”. The fact that it was labeled as an own goal upsets me more than the goal itself. As some of you know, last time I played Extreme Graphics, I had a shot that went off the back boards, hit my stick, and went into my net. The one tonight went off the post, hit my skate, and went in. Either way, it was the first goal in the game. My team came back to tie it 1-1 late in the period. Team X carried the play through most of the game, but just couldn’t put it home again. Extreme had a couple good chances and a breakaway that I turned aside. When the dust settled, I was on the losing side by a 2-1 score. The other shot that beat me was a shot that went top corner on me. Beautiful shot.

Now, I have another 3 months to think about it. The two bad bounces that led to us playing in this game and then the bounce that killed us in the playoff game.

Next session has so much promise. I have the Stick Heads coming back and I am excited about the prospect of that happening.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the game.

    I like the quote Martin Broduer has..”they call it a puck because dirty little bastard is already taken”..or someting to that effect. How true!

    Good luck next session

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