The proper approach

Usually, the night before playoffs is a hard night to sleep. At least for me. I had more than a few solid games leading up to this point. When it comes down to a one game playoff, everything goes out the window. I used to put myself under so much pressure to do well that even now I think about what will happen. In a little over 11 hours from now, I will don the pads and play my first of hopefully three playoff games.

Success or failure comes down to one game. One bounce can kill a team or decide a game. I have seen many games decided by a couple bounces of the puck. I can tell you that I am already thinking about tomorrow, but I am not worried about my performance. I know I will do the best I can and play a solid game. If my team responds, then we have nothing to worry about.

You have to approach these games in a different light. If you approach them thinking of them as a playoff game, chances are you put yourself under too much pressure and you do something wrong. If you think of them as just another game, odds are you will play solid. At least in my mind that is how it works.

For now, I must get sleep. Big games tomorrow and hopefully, another trophy to add to my resume. It stands at 5 right now.