Last night’s action

Wednesday 1/22/04 – Smith Diamond Realty vrs Groot Builders
Groot Builders got the best of me last time we played them in a 5-2 loss when I played with Schutts. I fared no better this game as Smith Diamond got beat 7-3. Smith Diamond just doesn’t have the guns to play against a team like that. I came up with some good stops. Most of the goals that were scored on me were in the slot and top corner shots.

After that game, I found out some possibly unsettling news. One of our leading scorers will be only subbing next session while our leading playmaker and scorer may not be coming back next session. Not good to say the least. Ever since I heard that, there is part of me that wants to take next session off of playing with Smith-Diamond. I want to have at least a semi-competitive team. Without both of those players, we will be struggling.

Rage vrs Phantoms
Here was a shocker of a game. After I got done playing for Smith-Diamond, I was asked to play for the Rage. An 0-10 team against the powerhouse Phantoms who are 7-2-1. I came into this game just thinking I would do the best I could and I played an excellent game in a 5-4 victory for the Rage. They got their first win with me in net. I was on cloud 9 after that win. I guess I can put one down in the “steal a game for my team” column. There isn’t many in that column, but that is beside the point. The end result was a win and I was ready for next game that evening.

Windmeuller Electric vrs Kodiacs
Once again, I played another solid game in a 5-3 loss.

1 – First goal was tipped by my own defenseman into the net. Nothing about that one.
2 – Pass to an open man on the far side of the net with an easy tap in. It wasn’t very close to the crease, but I think I could have stopped that pass.
3 – Same as #2. Same guy too. This one wasn’t very close to the crease either, but it is up to my defenseman to take that guy.

With the score deadlocked at 3-3, my team had a series of chances to put it into the net. I counted about 9-10 breakaways we didn’t cash in on. The first breakaway my opponent had they scored on….

4 – Nice breakaway shot to the top corner. The only complaint I had was I feel I was a little out of position for the shot.
5 – The only goal I want back in the game. It was a weak backhander in the slot that went five-hole on me. I know the shooter very well, and I thought he might try for a high backhand. The first problem is that I wasn’t crouched low enough. Second thing is my stick wasn’t in position to stop the shot.

I took the 5-3 loss in stride. Life goes on. I have one more game tonight and then playoffs on Saturday.