Last Game

It was my last game with the White Tigers…

1/19/04 – White Tigers vrs Legion
The Legion are ranked #2 for a reason and they really worked us hard. After they lept out to a 5-0 lead through the first half of the game, we came back and scored a couple to make it 6-2 in the end. I really have to give the White Tigers some credit. Even when the odds are stacked against them, they really came out to compete every night. My hats off to them.

Since it was my last game, I really felt bad about moving on. When I play with a team for that long, you get used to the people on it. I wouldn’t have to say that I struck long term friendships with these players, but I enjoyed playing with them. If the Stick Heads weren’t coming back next session, I would be sticking with the White Tigers. In the end, I want to start competing for a championship.

After that game last night, I was spent. I came home, ate some dinner, played a couple games on the computer, and then went to bed early. I was just wiped out. After almost 9 hours of sleep, I felt a lot better. I don’t know what the problem was to be honest with you. Maybe it is because I am trying to cut down on my sugar intake. I am glad I have tonight off because my next couple nights this week will be busy with hockey and such.