It happens to every goalie sooner or later

It was the first time I have seen it at a game in person. You would have thought I would have seen one by now. What I am talking about is a shot go in from the defensive zone. One of these famous “Gaff” goals such as the Patrick Roy Statue of Liberty play in Game 6 of the Western Conference finals against Detroit in 2002-2003. Like the one Mark Andre-Fleury had when he cleared the puck off one of his own defenseman and into his own net. I have witnessed a goalie scoring a goal. I have seen more than a few hat tricks. One of these goals I never thought I would see.

However, I saw it, but I also saw something else. Goaltenders have to have short memories, and Ferris State goaltender Mike Brown had one. FSU won the game in the end.

The key is to rebound from a goal like that. That puck does strange things, and something routine can go wrong at any moment. I have seen things like that happen, and been on both sides of the puck.

Note to self: Best to forget and play on. Life goes better that way.

3 Replies to “It happens to every goalie sooner or later”

  1. Weird goals are what makes hockey fun…even when we’re the ones who get scored on LOL.

    I remember one time when a puck got caught in my equipment. I stood up and it fell out and into the net behind me. TOTALLY sucked! We were winning something fierce like 9-0 at the time, so it wasn’t a big deal, but my team got a good laugh out of it for a few months. =]

  2. brian you suck!!!! j/k you are the best goalie ever and i model my game after you.


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