Going to bed soon

I just got to thinking about my teams for next session, and I thought I might want to start puting some stuff down about them and what I expect. This session is pretty much over for all my roller teams except one, which has secured a playoff spot.

Aluminum – Smith-Diamond Reality
I have stuck with this team for a long time for a reason. I believe this team has promise and heart. However, I mostly play with them because they accept me for who I am. Playing with your friends is the most important thing you can do. I have known this team before I was ever a member of the Stick Heads. I lifted my first trophy in Copper less than an hour after this team got beat in the finals. I feel I owe it to them. I don’t think I am the best shot this team has for a championship. I do feel that I am a cog in the machine though. How far will we go next session? It all depends on the beginner teams to be honest. Smith-Diamond is a true beginner team, and a team with skilled players will beat them 9 out of 10 times. It all depends on the makeup of the division next session. If there aren’t 16 teams, then there will be one big division. That means, a middle of the road end result. Otherwise, a playoff birth.

Brass – Bulldogs
At least this is what I think the team will be named. This is my first time playing with a new team of players. I haven’t met these guys before, but I am sure I will recognize a bunch of them. I don’t know how well we will do next session. It all depends on chemistry and team hockey. That is what this bunch wants to put together, which I am all about since hockey is all chemistry and teamplay. I am going to predict a playoff birth right now.

Copper – Stick Heads
Yes, I am back. I am getting another shot at a title with the Stick Heads. I have three trophys under my belt with this team and I really believe I will get a fourth. The makeup of the team impresses me. The x-factor is what it has been every season and that is me. Copper is probably the highest division I can compete in right now skill wise. A team has a lot to do with the success of the goalie. The framework is there. I just need to pull through again.

I am not trying to deflect what is coming next Saturday. As the time nears, my level of excitment will grow. I love playing for a chance at glory and I cannot say I have disappointed in the playoffs. Yes, I have lost games, but I have not laid an egg.

*knock on wood*

Anyone can win in a one game playoff. This is why you see so many top ranked teams going home after the first game. This is why you see bottom rung teams going all the way to win it all. All it takes is chemistry, karma, a couple lucky bounces, a hot goalie, and you have yourself a win to get to the next game. I will need to win 3 games to go all the way, which is obtainable with the team I have in front of me. The key is execution.

I am glad I have other things to keep me occupied until next Saturday.

Ferris Hockey this weekend for starters. A hockey practice on Saturday. Next week I have 2 roller and 1 ice game to play. All of them will be tough games against the top teams in the league respectivly. That doesn’t worry me. It will be good practice leading up to the games on Saturday next week.