Good workout

The White Tigers got a forfeit win this week from a non paying team. Fortunately, this was only the second one I have been involved in. Anyway, we got about an hour of rink time so I spent it working out with my team. How did I rate the workout? Decent. I let in a few long shots I should have had, but I also came up with a couple big stops. All the while I was trying to center myself with the shooter. I have to keep working on those angles though.

In other news, the roster for the Stick Heads is almost set. The decision earlier tonight was to either move up to Bronze, or stay in Copper and drop one member. I believe the decision will be to drop that member, much to his dismay I am sure. This means, I am in for Stick Heads, and out for the White Tigers. I feel a little upset about leaving the White Tigers. Here is a team that brought me onboard when the Stick Heads disbanded. Now, I am just thrilled to be back in the saddle again with them. The Tigers asked me to stay on and I didn’t know for sure where we would end up at the time. Now that I know, I will have to move along without them. The Tigers kept telling me they were finding new skaters, but their 3-7 record wasn’t the issue.

The issue was Dan coming back as the captain of the Stick Heads and the team requesting me to play on. I wouldn’t have to say Dan changed me as a goalie in some earthshattering form, but he did mold me into a better one. When I played with the Stick Heads initially, I was thrilled to be on that team. After a couple tight losses, Dan took me aside and pointed out what I should do in certain situations. I also changed my way of thinking. Before, I wanted to win, win, win. Now, I am happy just to play the game and I play better as a result.

Yes, I am still fustrated about the Fury (some of the ex-Stick Heads are playing on that team). However, the captain is back in charge and the team is coming back with very few changes. Can’t blame a different makeup of a team on the players themselves. They had a choice between a better goalie or myself….I was on the losing end. Now that that team is forced to disband, I am back in again….which could be considered good or bad. For now, I will accept it as new employment and another chance at a title.