Both sides of shutouts

Ah, the good with the bad. You just have to roll with the punches. First game I played today I got a shutout, and the second game I played I got shutout. Team X is playing solid hockey. Smith Diamond Reality is struggling. After the first game, I felt confident. After the second, I was pleased to a certain extent. I should have stopped a couple of the shots coming my way, but really not much I could do to secure a win. Especially since Smith Diamond didn’t get a goal.

I really got to thinking about confidence. With Team X, I was brimming with confidence. I knew we were going to win. I made a couple key stops, but my confidence never waivered. It was the same way I felt with the Stick Heads. There was just a feeling of confidence we were going to win. Therefore, we would. Smith Diamond lost that confidence last season and hasn’t gotten it back so far this season. Same goes for the White Tigers. Through the first 3 games, we had it. Now, we are struggling.

I am convinced that staying positive is a key when it comes to goaltending or having long term success. My goal is to be more confident. I am going to go to great lengths to make this happen. We are not talking about believing I am going to stop the puck. I am talking about knowing I am going to do well before the game starts and knowing I did my best when the game is over. The time of beating myself up after a mistake is over. The key is consistency.