One bad period

01-08-03 – Windmeuller Electric vrs ADAC

The first period was my downfall. I let in a couple bad goals en route to a 5-2 loss. It really all came down to angles and me not playing them right tonight.

1 – Nothing I could do about this shot. I was centered with the puck, but it went off my defenseman and into the net.

2 – Sharp angle backhand shot that I got a piece of but still made its way behind me. I wasn’t centered with the puck as well as I should have been. I have to play the puck and not the shooter.

3 – Probably the worst goal of the night. Offenseman at the goal line looking to center the puck. When he centered it, I didn’t play the puck like I should have and instead left the post when it hit me. The puck went behind me. It may have been a bad bounce, but it was a bad judgement call I made.

4 – Shot that went off the wrist pad of my glove, went up in the air over me and landed in the back of the net.

After that 4 goal barrage in the first, I settled down and played a solid game.

5 – Nothing I could do on this goal. I played the puck all the way, but a wide open man on the other side of the crease got a pass and hammered the puck into the open net.

I stopped a nice breakaway attempt in the third period, but by then the game was a wash. Overall, not a good start, but good finish all things considered. With the game at its conclusion, now I need to work on my angles and not going down as fast.

Those things are better said than done. How does someone unlearn something he/she has learned? I am pretty tired now, but I will reflect more on this tomorrow.