Looking forward to the break

I haven’t always loved the holiday break. This year, I am looking forward to it. I am playing entirely too much hockey lately, and my body isn’t able to keep up as well as it used to. Last night, I had a very intense game with the White Tigers…

12/22/03 – White Tigers vrs Golden Eagles
As I said, very intense. However, a lack of skill once again hurt the Tigers as we lost 3-2. The Eagles had the puck in our zone for a majority of the game and their passes were on the money an awful lot. When it came to finishing the play, that is where they had the problems. For all the passes across the slot, they only connected on one of them and that was a good goal.

1 – Defenseman missed a pass in the zone and a forward had a breakaway attempt. He deked 2 times before he roofed it on his backhand. Good goal.

2 – Pass into the slot to a wide open forward. The shot hit me glove and went upstairs in the net. Another good pass and good powerplay goal.

3 – The one goal I want back. I mentioned this in previous posts but I will mention it again. I have a tendency to go down into butterfly when the player is going wide around the net. When I went down this time, he shot the puck over my head and into the net. The Stick Heads captain, Dan, talked to me about this after I got scored on in Friday’s game. I dropped too fast that time too. He mentioned some players practice that all the time and it is important that I cover that post and stay up. Gotta work on that. Two goals in the last two games that has happened to me.

After playing around a little after that game, my body was ready for some much needed rest. I got almost 9 hours of sleep and woke up still drained today. My body aches and my back is very sore so I got a sub for the game tonight. I want to give my Smith-Diamond team the best chance to win and that chance is with a fresh goalie in net that isn’t injured.

Looking foward to the holidays that is for sure. šŸ™‚