The Stick Heads return?

I got an email yesterday from the goalie on the Fury team in Copper. Seems that he isn’t interested in playing Copper next session and the rink owner is going to make them all move up to Bronze anyway. He also mentioned that some players on the team have talked about getting the Stick Heads back together for another run. It seems that the Fury team that decimated my White Tigers team in Copper 12-2 on Monday is moving up to Bronze and taking all their players with them. This leaves room for the Stick Heads to come back into play. I am very excited about it needless to say. I contacted the captain of the Stick Heads last session and he was also very happy about the prospect of that happening.

Running down the people on my list that would be part of the Stick Heads.

Devo – Expressed interest
Matt S.
Matt Z. – If he can play
Jason – Sub or full time D depending on his schedule

I have other players on my short list, but these are the key ones we have played with in the past and won championships with. Can’t mess with the formula that has given you success.

I will think more about this later….got work and then a hockey game to play tonight.

2 Replies to “The Stick Heads return?”

  1. Id play but well.. A] you’re a goalie so Id be ridin the bench and B] if I remember, you’re from Big Rapids, right? I don’t live close enough to play there =\ lol.

  2. A: Yup, I am a goalie.
    B: Not from Big Rapids. I used to go to Ferris State though. Graduated back in 1997. I play pretty much down here in Grand Rapids. 🙂

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