From bad to ok to good

Since I was a slacker and didn’t write in my journal last night and then again this morning, I have to pack a lot into this update and hope I don’t forget anything.

First off, my games on Wednesday.

12/17/03 – Smith-Diamond Reality vrs So What
I played a very solid game in a 3-2 loss. The game was played almost entirely down in my zone and I faced a ton of shots. The three goals I let in were not bad goals which I was pleased about. However, the fact that they scored a goal with 30 seconds in the game to clinch the victory was a heartbreaker.

1 – Forward came in one on one with one of my defensemen. I was ready for the shot, but I lost sight of the puck and he put it far post and into the net. This was the one goal I really didn’t see how it went in, but my team said it went off my defenseman.

2 – Nice pass across the crease and a goal was scored from a wide open forward on the other side of the net.

3 – The heartbreaker goal. Forward moves around my defenseman and puts it just over my glove and into the net.

The more I think about it, the more I am fustrated. I want to accomplish so much with this team, but these games are just heartbreaking losses. The game last week was a 6-5 loss in OT and this one was 3-2 in regulation. There are 3 points that mean so much in a 16 team division. To my team’s defense though, these players had out outgunned at the start. My goaltending and their hard work kept the game close. However, the other team missed on a couple centering passes or across the crease passes to wide open forwards. They click on those, and this game gets out of hand fast.

After that game, I went to my second one of the night…

12/17/03 – Windmeuller Electric vrs R. Vandermallen
I know I butchered our opponents team spelling, but I am close enough. 🙂

Overall, another solid game but just with a couple bad deflections and good plays I just couldn’t stop.

1 – Pass across the crease on a 2 on 1 chance and the other player got a nice goal.

2 – A shot from the point that pinballed off 2 skaters and to a wide open forward to the right of my position. I dove over to make the save and got a piece of the puck but the shot hit the roof of the net.

3 – Another strange goal like the first one in my previous game. Guy comes down one on one with my defensemen. The shot hit my defenseman’s skate and went wide side to the far post and in.

That game could have been 5-3 in their favor. There were a couple bounces I got in that game. One was a one timer that the guy missed after getting a perfect pass across the crease. Another guy hit the side of the post after trying a wraparound. Finally, a little luck goes my way…but I would rather have it in a playoff game. Overall I was satisfied with my performance in both games. Obviously, I wanted a win in both games, but sometimes you don’t get what you want.

Thursday, I subbed for Team X once again.

Thursday 12/18/03 – Team X vrs Village Bike Shop
Village Bike lost to Smith-Diamond, my primary team, 3-2 in OT earlier this season. I knew who to watch out for on this team and it paid off well. I made some key stops, but my defense and offense did all the work in a 6-0 shutout victory. Although I didn’t allow a single goal, it was the hard work of my team that made it possible. With that win, Team X is now sitting in a playoff spot with 4 games to go. I have 2 more games to sub for Team X and then playoffs if necessary.

It has been a good day…and now I am going to sleep. Another big day tomorrow with another late game.