Another tough loss

12/10/03 – Windmeuller Electric vrs Mike’s Hard Lemonade

After a number of strong games but with the scores not on my side, I was hoping this next game would turn things around. It just didn’t. The first shot I faced was a slapshot down the middle just inside the zone. I gloved the shot, but the puck fell out of my glove and went into the net. The rest of the game just went downhill from there. Two five hole goals, one shot that went in off my back from behind the net, and the end result was an 8-5 final score. There were two breakaway goals they scored as well as a couple rebound chances. It was most definetly one of the weakest games I have played in a long time. Even if I take into account the mistakes my team made.

I sat in the mental doghouse for about 10 minutes after that game and then quickly jumped out of it.

There is something that I learned a long time ago. Either I can concentrate on the fact that I haven’t won a game in my last 6, or I can kick it in the ass and come out swinging tomorrow. I have a game at 6:00pm and I am very confident that my fortunes and play will rebound (no pun intended) tomorrow.