Oh the mistakes

Tuesday 12/9/03 – X-Men vrs Komets

I had quite a solid game tonight. Now if I could just get my team to not make costly mistakes. Those mistakes costed us in a 5-3 loss.

1 – The only goal I thought I had. Nice shot that was ripped over my shoulder and into the top corner of the net. My glove was up, but it hit my glove and went between my glove and shoulder. Good shot.

2 – There were five giveaways in my own zone, and they scored on two of them. This was one of them. I made the save off a shot from the point, and one of my defensemen tipped the puck into the center for a wide open shooter who put it past me.

3 – Another giveaway. This time my own defensemen couldn’t clear the puck after I stopped the initial shot from the point. A forward was there to poke it in.

4 – One breakaway I gloved ended up being a penalty shot because one of my defensemen threw his stick at the shooter just before he shot. I know know if he hit the puck or not when he threw the stick. Either way, the penalty shot didn’t go my way. The shooter deked to the backhand and roofed the puck. Nice shot.

5 – Nice centering pass that was tipped off the far post and then in.

Overall, all that could be said was that my team had to really work for their shots and scoring chances while we offered up scoring chances for them on a silver platter. After two defeats playing for this team, I still have a lot of high hopes for this team. They have just not had a lot of success, but I think they can turn things around. They have some skill, but another skilled player would really help this team. Anyway, I am going to stay positive about this experience. Bad bounces happen to everyone. Gotta approach games like this with a positive outlook and just work on the next game.

I better get some sleep. I have a rather big day tomorrow with work, then hockey at 6:00pm and then again at 11:15pm. My 3rd and 4th games of the week.