Monday 12/8/03 – White Tigers vrs Carpe Poon

There are times my team, the White Tigers, show flashes of brilliance. However, there were a couple team letdowns at really bad times in a 10-4 loss. The score just wasn’t indicitive of how the game was played. The first three goals I gave up weren’t weak ones. It was a two goal game at the midway point and we were hanging in there pretty well. Then, the other team got 3 quick goals in the span of a couple minutes. One of them was a weak backhand that I misplayed and it hit the far post and went in. Another one was a deflection off my own defenseman. Anyway, 6-1 was the score, and I called the timeout. I explained to my team that I have seen them play so much better. They came back and scored 3 to make it a two goal game once again. Then we had a couple bad bounces go our way and the game just got out of hand.

Overall, I felt ok with my performance. I had a couple bad bounces go my way through the game. Two shots hit my own defenseman and went in. I had one shot hit my pads when I dove over to make a save, and it landed behind me and trickled into the net. On top of that, my defensemen didn’t step up and take the shooter as well as they have in the past. I am not upset with my team though so don’t get me wrong. Here is a team that has a challenge just competing in this league. The challenges just keep coming. Next week, we have the top undefeated team, the Fury. The Stickheads….minus me. If we can make a game of it, I will be greatly impressed.

Since I have talked about it before, I won’t mention the fact that I still am a little pissed off about the Stickheads “disolving” and then coming back minus me and a few other people. Especially since I was the goalie for over a year and backstopped that team to 6 winning seasons and 3 championships.

Great, now that I have thought about it, I am a little irritated. Time to change the mood.

I have been working on a new section on my website that will list my championship accomplishments. I really wanted to record this in the past and now is as good a time as any. I have almost got all the pictures together and I have the championship memories already recorded. I think about my accomplishments in this sport often. Maybe it is because I wasn’t the best athelete in high school or college. Now that I am able to contribute, I want to remember these things.

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  1. I know what it’s like to play on a team, but I’ve never seen a hockey game. I don’t even know the RULES of hockey. No, I’m not a communist 🙂 But maybe someday you might explain them in an entry? For all us…uneducated athletes..

  2. hey snowy… if you go to http://www.nhl.com you can find the rules there I’m pretty sure. It’d be confusing to list all the rules in a aingle entry because different levels of hockey have different rules.

  3. You are right. 🙂

    I guess I take into account that most people know what hockey is. I found a good website that I will add to my links on the left.

    http://www.exploratorium.edu/hockey/ – The Science of Hockey

    http://www.icehockeyrules.8m.com/ – Ice Hockey Rules

    There are a lot of different google pages on hockey and the rules. I could post a bunch of different ones, but these are pretty helpful. Especially the science of hockey. It explains goaltending very well. 🙂

    Hope these help, and thanks for reading my journal! 🙂

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