Still stiff

My stiff left knee is still bothering me a little. I was a little concerned last night when I was doing laundry and kneeling down to pick up clothes. At least it isn’t painful, and that is a good thing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to play this week. Speaking of this week, I have games Monday-Thursday. Thursday is the big day with an early 7:00pm game and a late 11:15pm game. Those late games can be a little painful the next morning. I usually get back home around 12:45 or so and then I am in bed by 1:15. Then I am up at 7:00am the next morning. As you know, I need about 7-9 hours to be at my best. Oh well….

I have a boatload of work to do. I have one website project I haven’t finished yet. I have about 1200 pictures I have yet to go through and a story to write about the rollerhockey tournament over the weekend. Lastly, I should go and cover the Griffins game this coming Friday.