Average night

I had two games tonight. I played average….just average.

Smith-Diamond Reality vrs Village Bike Shop

I really have to hand it to my team, Smith Diamond. After falling down 2-1 in the final period, they came back to tie it with 3 minutes to go and then win it in OT 3-2. I faced a lot of shots, but the two I let in were not quality shots. One was a sharp angle shot that hit me and deflected into the net. The other was a breakaway that went five hole on me. Course, I am not taking into account the other solid saves I had. One glove save on a shot that was going top corner in particular.

Windmeuller Electric vrs SYN

Ok, the team name is not accurate, but I can’t remember and it is late. This game was a 5-4 loss, and I guess I am a little disappointed in the end result. Three of the goals they scored were shots that hit the top corners or the far side of the net. Good shots that I don’t blame myself for. Now, there was one shot from the point that skipped along the ice and beat me five hole. Another one beat me five hole because I didn’t have my stick down in the right position.

What I am getting at is too many mistakes and these five hole goals. I have to make sure I am positioning my stick better to cover that spot. My butterfly was pretty good and I went down fast enough, but if my stick isn’t down right then I am going to get beat all the time there. Friday night, I have a game and I am going to work on this. Making sure my stick is down right and working on my butterfly and staying up. There is also no reason for me to paddle down in close in situations. I have to keep my upper body up, glove open, and stick down (most important).

Overall, I am content with the outcome, but I have much to work on….as usual.

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  1. I’ve got a great site bookmarked amongst my hundreds of favourites that is great for working on butterfly stretches and such…I’ll look for it tonight or tomorrow and pass it your way. Also, if you get a chance to practice alot, I suggest dedicating like, 20-30 mins at a time to just stickwork drills..that’ll help 🙂 Have teammates shoot the puck low so you’re forced to use the stick only. No one realizes how important having a good technique with the stick til you get scored on 2 or 3 times in a game… LOL.

  2. I would love to have the link for the butterfly stretches. You might also want to visit my homepage and go to my Goalie section. I have a goalie guide in there that was written by Steve McKitchin (I misspelled his last name). Very good stuff. I just got his DVDs and I have been watching them and working on my game. 🙂

    Also, check out the goalie store bulletin board at http://www.goaliestore.com

    Sorry, it is late and I am heading to bed. Just thought I would try to help you out with your game if you needed it.

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