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I thought I might jot down some thoughts on the latest Red Wings stories and my thoughts on the matter.

First, Fedorov and the crappy reception he got a Joe Louis Arena. Now, there are many people who are going to disagree with me on my stance. Fedorov is a markee player. He served Detroit well for many years. Detroit won 3 Stanley Cups in that time, and he was never in any trouble. He never became the star that Yzerman or Shanahan are in Detroit right now. He was a cog in the machine, and a mighty big cog at that. The guy has scored a point a game so far in his career. In addition, his overall plus-minus is one of the best in the NHL in the last 10 years. I am not saying he single-handedly carried the team, but when they needed a big goal he delivered. I will never forget the 1997 conference finals against Colorado in Game 6. Detroit had a 1-0 lead and Fedorov was speared with the butt end of a stick and it knocked the wind out of him. He was carried to the dressing room for an entire period. He came out the second period of the game and scored the game winner against Patrick Roy.

Flash forward to last night. Fedorov was booed on the ice. People wearing Fedorov jerseys were booed when their pictures were put up on the big screen at the Joe. There wasn’t one thanks given to Fedorov for his dedication to the Wings. There were a couple people applauding I am sure, but still….more respect could have been shown. Respect was shown to other ex-wings who left the organization. Aaron Ward got an ovation when he scored a point against the Wings at the Joe as a member of the Carolina Hurricanes. He played a big part in the 1997 Stanley Cup playoffs and the regular season. No respect for Fedorov. So much for the classy hockey fans at the Joe.

Second, Curtis Joseph and being put on waivers. Here is a guy who signed a contract to play for the Red Wings last year. Now, I will come out and say the Red Wings were beat by a hot goaltender and team last year in Anaheim. It wasn’t Joseph’s fault. However, there were mistakes that were made all through that 4 game sweep by the Ducks. Things such as Matthew Dandenault accidentally high sticking someone in the face, realizing it, and then not skating to catch up to his man. The result was a goal. Sure, I was more than a little irritated by the Game 2 goal Joseph gave up. Steve Thomas scored on Joseph from between the faceoff circles and it wasn’t screened or deflected. I am just saying one bad goal or two doesn’t excuse the whole team for not playing very well. It also doesn’t excuse the fact that Anheim was playing like a team on a mission. They were a team working toward the Stanley Cup.

Now, Joseph is on waivers and probably heading to the minors. Out of sight, out of mind I suppose that is the thought when it comes to the Wings management. Cujo is getting a really raw deal here. He was going to be the guy, but now he isn’t because of Hasek. Rightfully so, the guy has 6 Veznia Trophies and 2 Hart Trophies. You can’t pass up the opportunity to get him. Dom never signed his retirement papers, so he always left the door open for his return. The Wings didn’t know if he would come back or not. Cujo is now caught with the short end of the stick. I feel really bad for him and I hope he gets his opportunity with another team. I really wanted him to get his Cup with the Wings. It looks like that will never happen now.

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  1. Man, this Fedorov topic is somethin else…everyone’s still talking about it here in Detroit.

    My views are like this: the guy is a great player, hands down. Everyone knows that. In saying that though, when you see someone as good as Sergei is, you tend to expect a ton out of the guy and there were alot of nights where he just didn’t skate the way he could. I tend to believe that yes, he was a team player to an extent, but in the end he played for himself. Him whining for more ice time last year kinda proved that. then again I think he only did that because he knew he wouldn’t have been able to pull it off with Scotty and he knew he’d get his way with Lewis…but I won’t get into my Dave Lewis rant…LOL…taht’d take up 5 pages cuz I just don’t like the guy as a coach. ANYWAY though…the difference between Sergei’s reception and other ex-Wings who were more appreciated in their returns to the Joe, in my opinion, is this: other players didn’t totally turn their backs on the organization like Sergei did and abruptly leave after being treated so well. If he wants to play elsewhere, then fine, he has the right to do so…but the way he publicly came out and said he didn’t want to play here anymore and such was kind of immature. I mean I dunno…the guy’s always been an enigma. I’m probably one of the few who thinks we’re better off without him because now other guys like Datsyuk and Zetterberg can step up.

    As for Cujo…I wanted him to stay here. I’m a HUGE HUGE Legace fan, and I totally HATE Hasek. I was one of the FEW who said that Dom SHOULDNT come back, and if he did, the Wings SHOULDNT pick him up. However, I don’t run the shots so I had to sit here and cringe when Dom put on a Wings jersey once again. I think Cujo should just go to another team where he’s wanted, and where ever he goes, I hope he kicks serious ass because he is getting the shaft here. Then again, the Wings did the exact same thing to Osgood back in 2001 when they shipped him off for basically nothing to bring in Hasek. Cujo had somethin to prove here after being between the pipes for Anaheim, and it’s a shame taht he won’t get that chance. I really disrespect the Wings for what they’re doin to him, and I almost hope they don’t do well with Hasek in net so that they can see what a stupid mistake they’ve made.

  2. I agree. Cujo got a really bum deal.

    As much as I respect Hasek, he should have stayed in retirement. That put Detroit in a really precarious goalie situation, when you consider Cujo’s talent, and that Manny Legacy is the best backup goalie out there and could start on any team. Truth is, I think the whole problem started when the Wings signed Cujo to begin with.

    As far as Cujos’ future.. I was Columbus would dig deep and sign him. Denis, while showing signs of greatness, losses focus too esaily and lets in way too many soft goals.

  3. I really don’t know if Cujo would be a good fit for Columbus. They need a little stronger D to be honest with you. Denis is a decent goalie and with a better team in front of him he would be an excellent one.

    Sorry, but I am a firm believer that a goalie is as good as the team in front of him.

  4. You are correct,a goalie is as good as the team in front of him. My record and shots against shows that very well

    But he has some D in front of him this year. Sydor has been a very welcome addition. Defensively, while inconsistent, is still a lot better than last year. In fact, it seems we have been in a reverse situation. Last year, we had no defense. This year, we have an offense that hasn’t been able to score.

    McLean likes to blame injuries. While we have been hit with injuries, it has not been as bad as other teams.

    But…I have been to too many games and saw Denis let in too many soft goals. Example, last week against the Capitals, he let in 4 goals on 5 shots.

  5. On Fedorov,

    You are right about the fact that Fedorov just left and kinda dissed the organization. That is pretty bush league in my opinion. He was treated pretty well in Detroit. However, this is also a two way street. Detroit offered him 5 years and 50 million, then pulled the offer after Fedorov said he wanted a little more time to think about it due to some family problems (his divorce). Detroit never put the offer back on the table…which I think is pretty crazy being as that Fedorov is a premier player in the league. I can see negative things on both sides. I am a firm believer that time heals all wounds. I know I am still a Fedorov fan.

    Now, on to Hasek.

    Lets face facts here, Hasek is a terrific goalie. He played decent the year they won the cup. However, the key wins he got playing against Colorado really brought him up a level in my book. Any goalie who can come through like the Game 6 victory (2-0 shutout) deserves my respect. Hasek never signed his retirement papers leaving his return a possibility. When he announced his return, Cujo knew this was the end….which is a shame. If I was in the front office, I would have told Hasek to go jump off a cliff. The problem is the office caved in for the fans. If they kept Cujo after the cup victory Hasek got, they may have been screwed by the fans and media. I know it is a lame excuse, but it is the excuse they are using. Cujo got the shaft, and I am most unhappy about that. I really hope he gets picked up by Colorado and wins the cup.

    In my opinion, Legace should be the starter. Here is a guy who constantly wins for Detroit. Give him a raise, and let him take us to the promised land.

  6. Daryl Sydor was a horse in Dallas. I am suprised they got rid of him, and maybe that has something to do with Dallas’ poor start.

    Now, you are right about the fact that Columbus has a lot better defense and the offense isn’t scoring. They have only scored more goals than Pittsburg, Carolina, and Chicago. They are sitting 21st in goals against right now overall. I haven’t seen Columbus play a lot this season. I have the NHL Center Ice package so I should see them a few times this season. I guess I just can’t put the blame on Denis when they just can’t score. However, I can say that Denis should be stopping the puck better to allow his team a chance to win.

    You would think with Sanderson, Cassels, Marchant, and Nash that they wouldn’t have that problem. 🙁

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