I hadn’t played a game since Sunday and then it was a week and a half since my last one. Needless to say, I was looking forward to my game on Wednesday. I got a request to play a second game a little later on that night, so I played two in fact. I didn’t play badly, but I also didn’t face many shots. The first game I won 9-3, but I didn’t face many quality chances. The goals that beat me were all good ones. One breakaway, one two on one, and a fluke bounce of my own defender and into the net. The second game was a 13-5 victory. I really didn’t face any shots until my team took an 8-0 lead and the other team got an extra skater for the rest of the game.

I am going to concentrate on that second game for right now. Not because I am disappointed with the result, but with the goals I let in. My butterfly was very slow last night. I had a couple goals beat me five hole, and I don’t know what the problem was to be honest with you. I have been trying to work on my butterfly speed, and staying in a lower crouch. Obviously, I need more work. Tonight I am going to get that when I play one game at 8:00 and another one at 10. My ice hockey team that plays at 10 is not far out of first place. I am surprised at that personally. My ice hockey game is steadily improving.

I think I tweaked my left knee a little last night. Today, it isn’t sore when I walk, but when I twist a certain way I can feel something is wrong. I am going to have to stretch a lot more efficiently. I am also hoping that my knee doesn’t get worse tonight. We will see.

I can’t believe it is Thursday already.